He Made Me So Wet Started Wearing Panty Shields

I also “confessed” in the post “Former Boyfriend Really Liked To Do It When I Was On My Period.” Well, this one is about the same guy. This guy had the ability to make me incredibly wet “down there” very quickly – and he did it all the time. If he would walk up to me, hold me, and kiss me deeply – I’d start to get wet. He rarely stopped there. He’d kiss my neck and play with and caress my hair. He’d put his hands anywhere he wanted to – under my shirt and along my spine, all over my butt, my thighs. He felt like my body was his to touch anytime and in any way he wanted to – and I let him. We’d make out and he’d slowly undress me, teasing me with his hands and his tongue. He quickly learned what effect that had on me and then he started doing it on purpose and imposed some “rules” on me. His “rule” for me was that we’d make out and pet until I completely soaked through my panties and he could feel or see wetness on the outside of my panties. Once I had been “a good girl” and soaked my panties for him, he’d take them off me and give me what I really wanted. Sometimes it would take the better part of an hour for me to totally soak through the crotch of my panties for him and “get my reward.” The wait was absolute torture sometimes. If I tried to remove my panties while all of this was happening, he’d remove my hands from them and pull them back up. He’d eventually completely undress me except for my panties. He’d touch, kiss, and lick every inch of me from head to toe. He’d put himself in my mouth – which turned me on even more. He’d press his hardness into the crotch of my panties, but not enter me. He’d even “go down on me” through my panties – which really felt good. Eventually he’d reach down and check the outside of the crotch of my panties, declare them wet enough, take them off me, and make love to me. By the time we started I was soaking wet and by the time we were done I was a total mess. Add to that what he’d always leave in me – which was quite a bit – and half the time I was walking around in some pretty messy panties. Looking back, I can’t believe the things I let him to do my body and how much I enjoyed it!

Anyway, I knew how wet I got around him and how he’d manipulate me to make me even wetter. If we met early in the day and made love, I’d sit around in wet panties for hours after that – not a good feeling. So, I started wearing Carefree Panty Shields whenever I knew I was going to see them. It had nothing to do with being on my period, just trying not to make a mess of my panties every time I saw him. It worked, a panty shield was enough to keep my panties dry around him, even if I would really cream myself. He eventually found out what I was doing and would remove the panty shield from my panties.


Jun 22, 2015

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  • I used to do the same thing to my g/f. I'd even cut the cotton piece out of the crotch so she'd soak through faster and I could see it as well. If she didn't wear any it would drip down or make her thighs all slippery. She tasted so good too. I wondered what would happen first: Soak through or drip. So I had her start sucking my c*** while wearing panties and we timed it until she soaked through. The next night she did it without panties until she felt it dripping. The drip was faster than the soak through. God I miss her p****!

  • Are you that wet for your husband these days Christine or just all of the men you were with before you got married?

  • If I found you wet Christine I would take you right then and there!

  • I used to get very wet when the young builders came around to do the extension on the house. They used my toilet and most time they would c** in my underware that was in the bathroom hamper. I used to leave really soiled pantygirdles in the hamper and they would juice them up. It made me so wet I had to wear panty liners and change them 3 or 4 times a day. I think they found the pantyliners in the bin and came on them also.

  • What a HOT young woman you are Christine!

  • Wow that's hot! It's making ME wet ;)

  • Carefree Panty Shields your best friend.

    My bf loves it when I am wet. He will put a finger (or two or three) right up into me and then slowly pull out and lick off the love juice.

    Recently my auntie came to stay with us and we were making out on the bathroom floor and she walked in. My bf slowly withdrew but his d*** was shiny with all my love juice on it. What an embarrassment!

    She just grinned. We might setup a few accidentally-on-purpose embarrassing moments next time she visits, see how she takes it.

    She is in her 70s but the thought of getting her involved is turning me and bf on A LOT.

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