Busted Crossdressing by Chiropractor

I’ve been crossdressing since as far back as I can remember, wearing stockings and suspender sets under my normal male clothes as often as I could get away with it without alerting girlfriends.
I crossdressed in all my ex girlfriend’s lingerie, the most exciting part was staring a new relationship and being left alone to explore their underwear drawers for the first time!

My girlfriends were usually a lot smaller than me so I bought some bra extenders to avoid stretching their bras and suspender belts although I love the tight feeling of their small underwear on me, reminding me with every movement that I’m being very naughty with nobody knowing.

Even though I used to regularly wear suspenders, panties and stockings underneath my suit for my sales calls (and occasionally a thin bra if I thought I could get away with it), to my knowledge I’ve never been caught, risky as I’ve been!

For the last three years I’ve been single and able to dress whenever the mood takes me.

For the first few months I’d dress when I had the urge and then hide all my lingerie, dresses, outfits etc back in their hiding place well out of sight, then the penny dropped - I didn’t have to hide it all away any more because there was nobody to hide it from!

I cleared a drawer out for my favourite lingerie and neatly filled it being careful to make sure all the matching sets were together and stockings paired. It made me strangely happy to finally do this.
Next, my dresses, outfits and costumes were hung shamelessly in my wardrobe. I felt free and liberated!

From that point on I very rarely wore male underwear and as soon as I got home I’d take off the lingerie I’d been wearing all day, shower and then crossdress fully, nails, makeup and wig, sometimes a French maid’s dress and just lounge around feeling feminine and sexy, it just felt right.

On Thursday of last week I woke up as usual in last night’s attire. On this occasion it was matching pink lace bra, suspenders and panties with black seamed stockings. Underneath the bra was a tight fitting cleavage creator bra which was almost painfully tight but gives me a fantastic cleavage!

I did my normal routine, removed my false nails, jewellery, clip on earrings and makeup and took a shower.

I had a chiropractor appointment at 10am and because I was seeing him for an upper back problem I thought it was safe to wear some feminine frilly pink lace boy shorts underneath my jeans so I put them on, smoothed them out, got dressed and headed out to my appointment.

The chiropractor was only a young lad and he was quick to start work. When I was lying face down with my shirt off, he asked if I wore some sort of back brace. I said no even though it seemed like a strange question and he carried on.
He asked me again if I wore any back or waist supports but again, I answered no.

Shortly after that he started to work on my lower back and I felt my jeans ride down as he did it. I tensed up praying that he wouldn’t see my panties!

When he’d finished I stood up, reached for my shirt and then caught sight of myself in the mirror.

There was a perfect imprint of the bra and suspender belt that I wore the night before on my chest, stomach and back. It was obvious I’d been wearing a bra by the shape and how the imprint cupped my b****!

Horrified, I finished up as quickly as possible and left.

When I got home I put my head in my hands thinking how complacent and stupid I’d been to get caught so publicly and how he’d tell his friends and colleagues about catching a pathetic little sissy pervert.

The more I contemplated my humiliation, the more turned on I became. Instead of feeling disgusted and shamed, I started fantasising about the chiropractor forcing me to wear full lingerie under my clothes to my next appointment then making me walk through reception wearing it all while the receptionist ridiculed and humiliated me.

This little accident has opened up a whole new world for me!

I’ll keep you all updated.


May 28

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  • It would be best if he insisted you come out completely and wear women’s clothing to your next appointment. Sissies need a firm, controlling hand on their life, and your chiropractor may be just the one.

  • Dude how do you avoid panty lines? I just found out that I was showing them bad. I’m only wearing the VS seamless ones. So soft and thin

  • LOL that's go not to

  • To for it sounds like fun

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