My boyfriend pimped me for a zip bag.

My sorority sisters & bf Kentrick’s frat organized a police protest with BLM downtown last month. After we shared an Uber with Kent’s frat bros to buy a zip bag at T’s place for later. T’s maybe 40 and hooks us up with top shelf all the time. Kent was paying T two bills for the o zip then T looked at me and said, ‘you believe? I was confused he pointed at my BLM shirt and said, ‘do you really believe?’ I told him yes! All my sorority sisters bought this shirt & we protested today. He laughed and said ‘tell yo what! i’ll knock off one bill if you suck my c***’. Kent went silent T said, ‘what’s it gonna be. suck my c*** to prove yo self or turn me down and be another white privileged b**** with a new tshirt.’ People in the room began to stare. I nodded to Kent. Kent said, “She’ll do it.” I told them I’d assumed we’d go off in private. He said, ‘ain’t getten’ off that easy. yo gonna do it right here.’ He pulled down his pants and yelled ‘everybody! get out yo phones’. He was soft, tasted like sweat and p***. It made me gag. I was so embarrassed. His large belly was hanging down in my face, p*** hair was super thick & not groomed. TMI but I kept swallowing & getting them stuck in my teeth. It was like trying to get a sponge hard. I tried to hurry. I did all I could but my knees were hurting and jaw became sore. He finally got hard but not close to pop. Said if we F&*k the zip’s on the house. I agreed but he’d have to wear a condom. Quan gave him one then I took off my leggings & bent over. He kept going soft & taking pee breaks. It took many tries but he finally got rhythm and pounded for a long time. He had me on edge, pulled me tight and finally popped. I felt it swell then a warm rush. I totally got stealthed and getting creamed. Not a prob because I’m on BC. DeJi, Quan & Zav gave him high fives. When he finished, he gave my butt a smack and said, ‘a month’s worth of buildup in there.’ He wiped c** off his p**** with my leggings then tossed them to me. Tmi: I was putting them on and a thick glob fell out and in the crotch. Everyone laughed I was so embarrassed. He fist pumped Kent, handed him the zip, gave my butt one last smack. I ran to the bathroom and it was not clean! I was afraid to even hover to drain plus there was no paper or anything. I did the best I could but had to wear c** soaked leggings and panties back. It felt like I’d sat in lotion.
My phone was blowing up with ‘thumbs up’ emojis. Kent’s phone went dead after 15 minutes but a friend got it all & shared it with my sorority sisters. He also airdropped it to my phone.
Don’t throw shade at Kent or T. I agreed and it was consensual and totally dope to get pimped. Only regret was I had to toss comfy panties and leggings. The next morning they were too crusty to launder. We got so bombed back to Ken’s frat house. I woke up at noon.
As expected, I went into yeast mode a few days. My sister Katie had to take care of Kent till it passed.
Sorry it doesn’t read well. I used my iPad.

Sep 18, 2020

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  • White trash

  • H*** of a story. You should share the vid.

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