Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.

I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m sure if this happened today & people found out, our lives would be different.

It was the end of HS sophomore year (’89). I was, 6ft, stick thin, awkward. I was 32A until early 20s and finally developed a round firm butt after my second child. BTW: It also took many hours at the gym with my personal trainer. HS is rough place for an awkward dorky girl being raised by a single mom in a small farm town of South Georgia. Drunk driver got dad when I was 7.

I was practicing basketball hoping to make varsity. It was mom’s night off but things always came up. This was before cell phones and we had an agreement, if she’s over 15 minutes late, she’d been held over for a double or called in to her second job so I’d walk home (we lived 5 miles away). Brad the assistant coach (not real name) offered me a ride. Back then, coaches/teachers used to take students/players home all the time. Again, this could never happen today.

Brad was the hottest teacher at our small school in his first year teaching. He was a big shot basketball player, came from ‘old money’, got a basketball scholarship, graduated in education, started teaching and was the girls team assistant coach. Everyone knew he was engaged and his family was planning a big wedding less than a month away. All the popular girls in school flirted with him.

It looked like rain so I took Brad up on the ride. On the way, he said I had potential to be a great basketball player. (whatever I was playing ball for the exercise and stay fit). He learned about ‘strength, conditioning & nutrition’ in college. He wanted to work with me to build muscle mass. I already had the height but with proper diet and work out regiment, he said, “You could be a Lady Vol.” I remember thinking to myself ‘that’s some pretty deep BS’ lol He wasn’t being flirty, he was just trying to keep me motivated to stick with the team if I didn’t make varsity. To be honest, I wasn’t good at basketball. I also knew I wasn’t Lady Vol good either! Pat was NOT coming to this town to watch me play.

We arrived. He waited to see if I got inside safe. I want to add, he was not being creepy! Times were different then. It was common for guys to act like gentleman. I didn’t have my key and remembered I didn’t put back the one we hide. I told him I’ll be ok and I’ll go in a side window that doesn’t lock. I thought he’d left when I went around back. I got inside, found mom’s note “Sorry I couldn’t pick you up. Mandatory call in. Left overs in the refrigerator. Love you MOM” Anyone remember hand written notes. lol

I heard a knock on the door. It was Brad. He wanted to make sure I got inside safe and everything was ok. I showed him mom’s note, invited him inside for tea and we talked about basketball. I initiated things and kissed him. I remember thinking he’s a great kisser. Things moved fast and I pulled him to my bedroom. I kept telling him I wanted it and no one will know. We removed our cloths. I was afraid to tell him I was a virgin. If I had, I’m sure he’d left. He got on top and I asked him to go slow because of his size. He struggled a long time but I kept kissing to keep him distracted. I felt a pinch and I winced then he slid in all the way. I will never forget that warm feeling of being stretched open for the first time. It felt amazing! I’m sure he knew what just happened. He paused, I caught my breath, reassured him I wanted it and begged him not to stop. Thankfully, when it was time he pulled out and finished on my stomach. Sorry if that was too gross. I bet that gets edited out. Looking back I’m so glad he did because I wasn’t on BC. I ran to clean up and asked him to not to leave. He was afraid someone would drive up unannounced. I live down a half a mile private drive and acres from the next house and no one comes by to visit but I got him a glass of tea and we sat on the front porch.

I could tell he was worried. To break the ice, I said, “I would never jeopardize your relationship with your fiancé. I wanted you to be my first. You did nothing wrong. I promise no one will find out.” He could tell he was still bummed. I said, “Come on! Who would believe that you had s** with me? Plus! I have no friends.” He started laughing a little and we started a good conversation.

We secretly continued having s** my junior year, and YES he was married. Each time, the situation was the same, I needed a ride home after practice because mom was working late. I secretly kept a stash of condoms.
I was living every girls fantasy. Back then it was cool to sneak off and have s** with an older man especially if if was your boyfriends dad or a teacher.

My senior year, mom got moved to second shift at her primary job for a promotion (3pm - midnight). She had an idea I was having a guy over while she was gone so she took me to the doctor and got me on birth control. Brad’s wife became pregnant and cut him off so now we were having s** more often. No more condoms! After s**, he’d stay for tea and pie. We’d sit on the front porch and talk. We became close friends that year. I’d listen to his plans for the future. I shared with him my plans. Most of the time he’d just come by to talk. I was a h**** teenage girl so I always preferred having s** but sometimes needed to vent (she was struggling hard with pregnancy and it was stressing his marriage). He hoped after giving birth things would get better.

After giving birth, she got worse and he was taking lots of time off. The situation was so bad her parents took her back to Atlanta. admitted her for treatment and they took care of their newborn daughter. I was the only person that knew the real story because he didn’t want rumors to spread at school and in this small town. Everyone thought she was visiting her parents for a few months. To make things worse, he was having marriage doubts. I reminded him his vows were for ‘better or worse’ and she is the luckiest woman in the world and he’s going to be a great dad. I told him to stick it out and be patient. My intentions were NEVER to become a home wrecker! Again, I was a h**** teenage girl secretly having amazing s** on a regular basis with the hottest guy in town. It was by chance we became close friends. The doctors diagnosed his wife with postpartum depression and she recovered.

While his wife was away, I gave him an open invitation for dinner, as long as mom was at work. We’d cook together and talk. Of course, we had lots of intense s** afterward! It was around this time we connected. It wasn’t just s**, we spent time kissing, exploring different positions and enjoying each other’s body. He was much more experienced and taught me so much! I had my first o***** and started climaxing regularly. He’d rent a movie from Blockbuster we’d sit on the couch and cuddle until 11pm. (oh my goodness, remember Blockbuster). Looking back, we’d passed ‘friends with benefits’ and I was officially his ‘mistress’. LOL

I didn’t pursue a future in college basketball. Out of nowhere, I got a full ride academic scholarship to a local four year university. I found out later he’d done research and sent in a recommendation in for me.

I met a guy in college, got married and moved to a town 50 miles away as an insurance agent. Three years ago, Mom passed away from cancer so we moved into her old house and fixed it up. The house and land has been in her family for generations. I’ve been married to a wonderful man and we have two kids in college. I moved my office to an old part of town.

Brad is an administrator for the school system and I see him all the time. He’s still married and they have 3 grown kids.

The reason I’m confessing is because Brad came into my office a few weeks ago. He’s running for local city council and asked to put his sign in my window. We started talking. Now, he comes in for coffee each day. One day he started with, “Thank you for being supportive back then.” While his wife was away in Atlanta, Kelly the guidance councilor secretly kept asked him to come to her place. Kelly had a reputation for being aggressive and town w****. She would have definitely ‘kissed and TOLD everyone.”
He was at a low point and admitted he would hooked up with Kelly if I wasn’t in the picture. He thanked me for giving him support to stick with his marriage and keeping everything else quiet too. He said, ‘you kept telling me over and over ’remember, she’s your wife for better or worse’. I did say that a lot. I thanked him for making that period of my life easier and I didn’t want to go through school or die a virgin. He got a good chuckle out of that.
There’s no romantic spark but we have a friendship bond. We’re old friends catching up but I often wonder, ‘what if I had been 5 years older when I first met him? Would our lives be different?
What if word had got out? Our lives would REALLY have turned out differently.’
Again, sorry for the length.

Oct 9, 2020

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  • So was this South GA town close to Way cross. Just wondering, I grew up there. Would love to here what you might remember about the old city!

  • I grew up in that city, it was much more lively back then than it is now. Growing up in a small town had its benefits. I was there in the 60s, how about you!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing. I graduated from high school in 1990. We recently moved to a neighborhood and ran across the guy I lost my V to back in high school

    We hooked up again it was not intentional but it was amazing. The memories and oh the s**. He was terrible then but a freaking pornstar now.

    Can’t wait till this CoViD thing has passed so I can get my time f*** buddy time in while the hubby is at work

    You should hook up with Brad. Trust me it will be amazing

  • Thank you for sharing. Your experience carries its own unique beauty to it. I'm also a child of the 80s, and couldn't help but smile with all of the nostalgia memories.
    I'm impressed that you had the foresight to try and do things in a relatively safe manner. Not just contraception, but the entire situation. Many of our age group back then didn't think beyond the moment, and found themselves in less than favorable conditions. Glad things worked out for you in the long run

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