The Confederate flag issue in the southeast.

While I feel the flag should be taken down as it offends a lot of American citizens all of the hoopla is going to cause people to fly it on private property where it is protected as free expression.

Jun 27, 2015

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  • Yes, lets remove the Flags and remove all the Statues that has to do with those bad times. Maybe if we do all of that we can just pretend the Civil War never even happened!

  • My son recently asked me what was so bad about this flag, and this is what I told him "Some crazy lunatic, walked into a church and shot some innocent god fearing people for no other reason than he was CRAZY!
    And because this lunatic took a picture of himself prior to the killings the flag is now being blamed for this LUNATICS' crime.

    Can people not tell the difference anymore?

  • Hearing about slavery all the time offends me, I'll stop my flag when you stop b******* about slavery. Your people sold you into it, get over it.

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