I think I am in love

Last night I went to this club with a friend of mine and I didn't realize that it was a gay and lez club. It didn't take me about 3 minutes and I was shocked just how open a lot of the patrons were. Kissing and touching going on every where I looked.
The show started and I had my eyes fix and who I thought was a girl but towards the end of her performance she turned out to be a s****** and she surely would have fooled me any time.
Arfter all the guys/girls did their performance I sat with my friend having a drink with her and this gal came up to me and offered to buy me a drink and I accepted. She sat down and almost immediately she started in touching my thigh pulling my skirt higher and higher and it wasn't long till she was rubbing my puss. I couldn't help myself I came on her fingers and somehow she had undid my blouse and started in sucking on my nipples and playing with them I got so horney I couldn't control myself and she had me c****** on her fingers over and over. She really knew what she was doing and had me right where she wanted me, before long she led me to a back room and proceeded to make luv to me and she truly had a magnificent c*** of 7 inch uncut not all that thick but god did she know how to use it. She had me so turned on I kept c****** on her and all of a sudden without any warning she exploded into me god did she ever. she layed on top of me what seemed like a hour and all the time she remained in me and now and then she made her c*** bounce inside of me making me almost scream with delight. She must have made me c** on here 15 times or more some right after another and while we were kissing she kept me in a state of arousal all the time, no guy has ever done that to me before. Not like she did anyway.
When I went back to the table my friend was at she took one look at me and said wow Gail you look like you're in love with someone I smiled and said you'll never know, I finished my drink and sat there almost in a trance. When we left she took me home and I went in and showered noticing I had hickies all over my body. Gads I never even knew she had given me one let along all of these I had. My thought ran back to her doing me and without even touching myself I came again.

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