I messed around with a lesbian

So i met this lesbian at a party one time. She was cool, we all smoked and drank beer the whole night. That night I got her twitter info because she didn't have a phone and took her home.

She was a cool friend, but even though she was lesbian I wanted to f*** the s*** out of her. She had tattoos, a nice ass, and big t***. She had a flat stomach and nice eyebrows. She was very cute as well.

At first she told me she had only one boyfriend before she turned lesbian completely and was only interested in girls which was lame.

But my luck changed after I got her snapchat. We first started snapchatting as friends, and we would go out to parties or just hang out to smoke weed and drink beer. It was crazy because we would get pretty cross-faded and when I would take her home she would snap me pics and videos of her in bikinis or twerking with her big ass. Her ass looked so nice in a thong and i can only imagine f****** her doggystyle and grabbing her nice round b****.

I could tell she was a freak because of twitter, and I had one option to go for it and see what happens.So like 4-6 months later of hanging out and snapchatting, one night we got crossfaded again, We were flirting, dancing and just making each other laugh. I couldnt hold it anymore so I went in for a kiss, she got surprised and said my name surprisingly. It was awkward at the beggining but then we moved forward.

I was massaging her back because she said her back was hurting. The only thing that i cared was that her big ass was touching my hard d*** and the only thing in between were my jeans and her dress. We started to foreplay a little and i was getting into it that I grabbed her b****. She asked me what i was doing? and i told her sorry but that I wanted her and that i was gonna maker her feel good. She agreed to have s** and I was very happy. I didnt use a condom cause p**** was so good. We went in the back of my car we started to kiss and I grabbed her b**** and sucked on them for a cool minute. Then I pulled out my hard cook and moved her panties to the side, she grabbed my c*** and put it inside her wet p****. Her p**** was so good, probably the best p**** I have gotten from all the girls that I f*****(5). I f***** her missionary for a couple of minutes and then asked her to turn around so I could f*** her doggysytle. Her ass looked so nice bouncing on my c***, I had to spank her too and she loved it. I could still remember that face she made when I was f****** her from the back nor the view I had of her ass on my d*** and the way her body was arched, I will never forget it. Before I knew it I was ready to bust, I asked her if I can finish on her ass and she said yeah. So i f***** her hard and screamed her twitter name "Medusa" as soon as I was e**********, that nut felt so good as well. It was a wonderful night and it was hard to believe that I f***** a lesbian.

Later that night I took her home, things werent the same because later that month she moved out of state and married a d***. It was weird because I just f***** her and she got married the next month lol but hey ill be waiting till next time she comes to LA, so I can f*** her again. For now I'll just be masturbating to her pics and videos and get lucky at bars with other girls.

Jun 29, 2015

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  • Yep. This site censors the word l e s b i a n for some unknown knuckle-scraping reason

  • Does thiz site censor the word lesbian?

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