I love exposing myself

I really enjoy exposing myself to teen and tween girls, probably about 10 or 11 to about 15 or 16. I'm in my mid thirties, myself. I've done it online for years and it never gets old. I especially enjoy when they become hostile and try to insult me. It's the biggest rush. I used to whip it out and whack off in front of even younger girls in semi-private areas. I probably did that in front of a dozen girls between the ages of about six and 14 before I almost got caught. There were even two memorable instances of girls touching my stiffy, one of them even stroking it a bit for me. Now I just do it online and I have no idea how many young ladies have seen my throbbing, red b****. I know I've came for over 100 by this point, the youngest being eight who saw me nut. Maybe I am a pervert and a s** offender but I have zero intentions of stopping, it feels too good! Maybe one day I can even get a young lady to jack and suck me, ah I hope so.



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  • Awesome, I'm more less the same. Loved posing nude with a erection for a class room full of students. Love cuming for live parties. Love to crossdress

  • Me too. Wish I'd seen this a couple years ago...

  • Dkuvac1990@aol.com email me

  • Is it worth the rush to get caught and end up on the s** offender list? Because that's where this is heading, dude.

  • What's your email

  • I have a beautiful wife and I love little girls ??

  • You are the worst
    This is confessions not crimes

  • This is genuinely disgusting dude, girls as young as eight? You need help because they can get traumatised like that and guys like you being the reason

  • You have 2 things in your future, prison and shame.

  • You damn sorry as pervert. You'll be going to prison and then you'll be on a s** offenders list.

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