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My aunt died and willed everything she owned including her house and car to me. Her dying wishes were to make sure my brother had a place to stay. I agreed to let him live there rent free just pay the taxes on the house, once a year and keep the yard up. He stayed there for two years and didn't keep his end of the bargain. Keep in mind, he mooched off of my aunt and dogged her out for 30yrs of his life till she died. Well he got mad that I wouldn't miss work and pick him up at the airport after he spent 2 weeks tricking off in California with a girl that he had met on line. So whenever he made it back to my aunts, he took items out of the house that he wanted and set the house on fire. I sent him a text for Thanksgiving and invited him over so he wouldn't be alone and he refused. Thinking he just needed some time and things will get back to normal I let him be. I tried calling and texting him for Christmas,and during New Year's Day of 2014 and no response. My intuition said go check on him since he suffers with crohns. Drove 20mins away and to my surprise the house had been burned, and he was no where to be found. I know he is alive and well but I haven't heard from him since. I Just didn't think he would've been so evil as to set the house on fire. Between child support and old warrants he never stay in one place long. I couldn't afford fire insurance on it. I've never been through nothing like this don't know where to begin and need to know if there is organization that'll help me rebuild it. Not a lot of fired damage to it, just has a lot of smoke damage but it is salvageable. Any suggestions to where to go from here?

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  • If he doesn't pay to restore the home to it's former condition then threaten him with violence. Don't muck around, use as much force on him as you can. If that fails get a gun, a bullet is only about 5 bucks.

  • I'd have him arrested for arson!

  • Crohn's is a terribly painful disease, but it doesn't make a person mental. Your brother has other problems. Selling as is could be an option. Check this site out: http://www.gnoinfo.com/housing/contractor-guide/free-low-cost-building/ Not sure what the qualifications are. Smoke damage - https://www.servpro.com/fire-smoke-damage-restoration. As much as you care about your brother, don't ever allow him back in that house. Maybe contract a contractor to see what your options may be. He needs to figure things out on his own.

  • Sell the property where the house was and chalk it up to experience. Hes an idiot and he'll never change.

    Move where he can't find you.

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