I've Dated Outside Of My Race

So why is it, that my family is trash talking about how it's done and over with me ever finding a white guy that would want to marry me. I have a biracial toddler half black half white. I go out in public places with my child and I get the look from ALL sides of the fence, in a negative way. One black lady yelled out in a passing car, about the fact that black men will leave your ass too. When I go out in public without my child white guys approach me all the time but, when I have my child with me they try to avoid me like I have the Ebola virus. I make my child no secret nor ever will. I find men of ALL different races attractive. I'm bless to have a good career in the modeling business,that provides a good life for me and my child. I'm raising my child not to judge anyone on how they look, their background or what they have. It's just sooo hard to accept the fact it's going to be done to my child with the world we live in, even within my own family.

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  • You had a child with a black guy, and he's not with you, anymore? ... Yeah, good job getting rid of that stereotype. haha

  • As your little one grows up, please explain at some point that what people say often indicates nothing about us at all, while revealing volumes about those who use such language...

  • IMy mothers first cousins daughter did the same thing you did. SHe gave birth to a little mixed girl and she lives down the street from us.

    We are white but I don't know what life would be like if I did not have this child to help take care of.

    There are plenty of great mixed race people. Look at Zendaya. Look at Halle Berry. Beautiful.

  • Hello I'm sorry to hear that people are so rude to you. It is a sorry world we live in that so many people are so caught up on skin color. And it seem even worse against biracial couples and children. It is a shame but I bet you are a great mama and your child will know they are loved. Haters gonna hate right? So s**** em you don't need em you'll do fine and they will be a lot not lonely. Hope things go great for you and your kid!

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