Repressed and obsessed

I want to be my boyfriend's pet and or s** slave. I want to call him sir, serve him, I want him to order me around and punish me when I'm naughty. We been together over four years. Sometimes he kind of slaps my ass, and gets slightly rough which I loove. I think he can be dominant but when I've asked if he prefers dominance or submission he doesn't know. I am certain I am submissive but I am not sure how to bring it up. I am so afraid of having a very awkward conversation where he just thinks I'm perverted or something. He does tend to cringe when he sees bdsm stuff on TV. The bottom line is that I love and respect him deeply and never want to lose him, but I crave embark on a fantastic sexual adventure that I am afraid he wont be into. I've never even sucked him off on my knees below him. ...only in bed while he lays down. I want him to pull my hair, make me eat on the floor, make me stay naked and share me however he pleases. I know we need to have a conversation, but I've just been walking around half naked and doing his laundry and s***, without mentioning my fantasies. Any advice for a gal whose craves a more interesting flavor than vanilla? Also, for any ladies who have successfully established a master slave relationship with their beloved, any tips on how to balance a career with such a time consuming commitment? I want and need to follow my dreams (both sexual and career).

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  • Im a slave for my boyfriend and he does everything you want. He's been doing this for years, and sometimes he sells me for a few days to others. My advice, just tell him what you want, but make it subtle, or you could make him do it, one time when he sold me to a another guy he already had a slave. We became friends and she just annoyed the h*** outta him, he treats her like s***. He abuses me every day, plays with me, he feeds me only bread and water once a day. He ties me up by a wall, only one hand free, dirty area, naked. I eats off the dirty floor and a water bottle next to it. I STOLE HIS PHONE BECAUSE I WAS BORED JUST SITTING THERE. IM CRAWLING BACK TO WHERE IT WAS RIGHT NOW WISH ME LUCK!

  • Strip you naked, oh h*** no! A Latex Bodysuit and Hood for you Missy!

  • I wish your boyfriend would let me borrow you for the weekend, I'd pay him of course. Firstly, I'd strip you naked in the front garden for the neighbours to see, then finally let you in. You'd get your clothes back in Sunday night when you can leave. You'd spend most of the sucking me off, licking my c** off the floor and getting f***** in your ass while I ram a massive d**** in your slave p****. In between, you'd have to do all the cooking and cleaning, wash my car (still naked) and do my laundry and ironing. Saturday's night I would invite some of the guys round, and you'll get c*** galore in every hole and hand until you eventually fall asleep sucking someone's c***. I know you'd find this h**** and o***** yourself at being an abused little slave. But every time you c** you'll get a good slap around the face. Sunday will then be able about me, you'll massaged me, suck me off, rim my a****** spend about an hour with my c*** down your throat while I watch TV. Your jaw will be aching and your throat will be sore. I'll then tie you up and f*** you over and over. The when your boyfriend picks you up, you can walk back to his car naked, but holding your clothes. I'll then pop out, tell him this is how it's done and hand him a secret recording of the whole weekend of you being abused and slaved. Hopefully the. He'll see your true potential and treat you how you want.

  • Be careful what you wish for!

  • Hey I totally understand sub. There is a relaxing security from the protection and security and trust. Combine that with a desire to serve and to show devotion through acceptance of pain or humiliation or whatever.

  • I think a person who has a "kink" can understand and empathize with somone else who has a different kink but a vanilla person (no kink) just does not get it.

    So in my view, the first part of the discussion you have with him needs to address that. Talk about acceptance of difference.

    The other thing is that men are taught that it is never ok to hit or hurt a woman. Somehow you have to work through that.

  • Guys don't get hints. (I'm a guy) Be clear and simple. I would suggest writing it.

  • Get a collar and a lead, surprise him naked and on your knees, hand him the lead...and beg to suck his c***. That would do it for me.

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