I want my sister inlaw

I have been married for 12 years and my wifes sister is 6 years younger than her, She is tall and slim and has big c-cup b**** ( I checked the tag on her bra once while her and my wife were gone)and looks just like my wife except taller and with bigger b****.
I can't help but stare at her every time i see her in anything even slightly revealing.
One time about two years ago she was staying at our house in the downstairs spare room and i was outside putting stuff away for the night (Sprinkler, ETC.), I walked past the spare room and the blinds were open and she was standing in the room wearing nothing but a g-string, I froze and stood there watching as she wandered around the room topless and finally stripped off her panties and looked at herself in the mirror, she was naked for probably 20 minutes.
I pulled out my c*** and masturbated watching her and now everytime she stays with us i make an excuse to sneak out and spy on her while she changes.
I have watched her change probably 20 times.
I feel like such a pervert but wow she looks good naked. Since the first time i have also spied on my wifes best friend and her mom who is pretty hot as well.


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  • Well if your statement is TRUE and you have seen her 20 TIMES...AND she walks around for a long time nude, she's doing it on purpose.

  • Why didn't you marry your sister-in-law in the first place?

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