Ten years with my husband

I have been married 10 years. When I met my husband I never expected to get married or have a family. I was living in Las Vegas, broke, working a part time job at Denny's, living in my car (or what was left of it) and using a friend's apartment to clean up. My friend and I were in a lesbian relationship and she was in love with me. She was my girlfriend and I was her girlfriend. I was scared to move in with her, so I lived part in my car and part with her.

The man I married came into the restaurant around 11 p.m., he was in his late forties and was well to do. He was the only one in my station, so we talked. He was in Las Vegas for a convention, and he got tired of the strip club his friends went to so he came in for a cup of coffee.

I told him my story, I was so desperate, how I had failed as a show girl, how I had failed and my life was over. He asked me lots of question, about where I grew up, where I went to college, I do have a college degree. I told him everything except that I was sleeping with my friend.

He said I had taken a gamble and lost, so had he. So he offered me a chance. Get married to him, and go with him to Texas and make a family for him and be a wife. He was tired and fed up of going home to nothing and I had nothing either, so we did not have anything to lose. Two lonely people.

I quit my job and married him. When he saw my car, he was pretty upset with me living in my car. He took me to his hotel for me to become his wife. I had not had intercourse since I was 15, and then only once. I only had relationships with women, including my current relationship. But I braved through it. Only later did I think about the fact that I was fully susceptible to getting pregnant, which I did.

The next morning I confessed to him about my girlfriend. We went to see her and tell her I had gotten married and I was moving to Texas. He offered for her to come too, if she really loved me she would follow me.

In Texas I found a home, a life without worries for money, my girlfriend and I stayed home, my pregnancy progressed, I was healthy and I just got bigger. We both got wedding bands and solitaires, he didn't want anyone making passes at us, he wanted us to be married. He was very patient with us, but not about wearing our rings.

When I was seven months pregnant my girlfriend got pregnant. He pressured her until she agreed. Our life was a normal suburban life, we were housewives, having babies, mall shopping, grocery shopping, housewives. We had met some of his coworkers, and there wasn't any fallout. We were just two suburban housewives.

When my first baby turned two, I got this uncontrollable burn for another baby. What happened I don't know, but I wanted a baby so bad. Unlike my first baby, which happened, I asked for my second baby, I prepared for my second baby and I got pregnant with my second baby. I think that with my second baby I was fully married.

Although my girlfriend and I lived together, it had been a long time since we had been together. We slept together, but we had s** with my husband, not each other. That part of life had just disappeared. We didn't even think about it, it was only part of conversations of the past.

It is 10 years, I have two children and my girlfriend has three. We found our way back into church, we go to a progressive church, because of our lifestyle. My husband, our husband, quit golf, it takes too much time away from his family. We are housewives and stay at home moms. In our kid's school there are many mothers like us with a much older husbands. We are all the same.

The biggest gamble of our lives is working. When my husband bought us our wedding rings, we looked at him like he was crazy, but he told us they were the most important prop in our acting careers, and not to take them off. We were in the biggest, baddest, play ever. And we had to carry it off.

No one can write the story of how I fell in love with my husband.


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  • One thing I know is that in real life the definition of family can be just about anything. Sounds like you have love, compassion, nurturing, sexuality and security. Carry on and don't worry what others may think or say. The only question that concerns you is, "Are you happy?" Sounds like you are!

  • Strang man ur husband

  • Ur husband must hav been desperate 2 bother with u oh what a f**** ass

  • Wonderful. I'm so happy for all of you incl the kids.

  • It is no nice to read a story where the person is not b****** about how much regret they have. OK so we don't all get it right all the time but life with what we got and enjoy the ride.

    I am so happy for you, for your gf, for the man and the kids. Be a beacon of happiness for those you meet.

  • So many ways to live a life. So envious for all of you.

  • Waooo!I am an African guy with college degrees but not a good job. I just read your whole story and it almost brought me to tears-just how your life has improved by a chance meeting,how you have grown in a plural marriage,survival in a car, and now a good family.I got married in Las Vegas in the early 90s and it only lasted 6 years. I have had s** with a few lesbians;I dated a beautiful lesbian, black lady, who had only had s** once with a guy,hated it and turned lesbian.She was one of the best f**** of my life, and had been a dancer before spending time in jail for drugs.Sadly,when I left her,she went back to drugs. You sound like you have a wonderful man and marriage.I wish your whole family God's Blessings.I secretly desire a plural marriage and I hope to have it despite starting my 50s.Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Wow you are so lucky. A man, support, love and your girl friend.

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