Military Wives Cheat

As a military wife I know many wives whose husbands are deployed that get h**** and cheat. They hang around the service clubs waiting to be picked up. There are lots of young guys who are away from home for the first time and away from their girlfriends and are h**** as well. I know for I have been one of the wives who have had to deal with being without s** from my husband for a year. I would accept the young guys who hit on me at the club. This is how it is. What is a woman to do for a year?

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  • See how the mighty have fallen. uk royals. see how the mighty have fallen.see how the mighty have fallen. uk royals. see how the mighty have fallen.

  • So you're saying they don't make toys for dependapotumuses? You're getting a free ride for life by attaching yourselves to these men. To decent people I'd say "How hard would it be to be loyal to your meal ticket?", but there's no touching bottom on dependa entitlement. Yes, you are laughed at by your civilian "sisters", and with good reason.

  • Be faithful,for f*** sake!!!! Use a vibrator,a d**** or a male silicone doll!!
    Don't cheat on your partner,when he is fighting for a good cause and making ultimate sacrifices,ever f****** day!! And you are contemplating cheating,because you've gone without s** for a year!! Are you for real??!

  • Self control is not a phrase you know? A year is nothing unless s** is the only reason you married.

  • Just cheat and don't worry about it. they all do it.

  • A year? I'm sure he'll be doing the same thing. Go for it.

  • I'm having a girl on girl affair. I still love my husband but the affair is a different dimension.

  • Be faithful - buy some s** toys; and if you have children, concentrate on them!

  • You could always be loyal? I have huge respect for the military and think this lack of respect from Their own wives is disgusting. I think the wait would make the s** so much better. Unless the husband is ok with the wife having meaningless s** which I know some do, I think you should be the wife he thinks he has and the wife he deserves

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