What to do?

When i got married years ago i found out that my wife had a uncle
who was gay and also had a life partner. It never really bothered me and
i never really gave it much thought being that i was married.
Back then they were just starting to get into using a computer and
not knowing much about computers they asked me to make them a cd
with some useful computer programs on it. Wanting to help out my wifes
relative i started making the cd but soon realized that there was going to
be some space left over. Asking them if there was anything they wanted
me to fill the cd they just said i could put some pictures or mp3s on it.
So i started downloading some pictures i thought that they might
like to see to include on the cd. After seeing the pictures myself even
though i am not gay did start to excite me a little bit. It was taking so many
pictures to fill the cd that there was well over a thousand that i had
downloaded for them. Having to see each one to make sure it downloaded
right just got me even more excited i wasnt thinking straight.
Not thinking clearly i thought that if i included a few pictures of
myself mixed in with the other pictures they would never know.
thinking that they would never even know that they were looking
at my d*** , b**** and a** since none of the pictures showed my face.
Making sure the pictures was mixed in real good among the thousand
or so other pictues i finished the cd. Before i could change my mind
i gave them the cd wondering if they would even look at all the
pictures on the disk.
Here is my problem ...
Somehow they found out that there was pictures of me on the
cd and they liked them. Although it was exciting to know that they had
actually seen the pictures of me they wanted me to send them more.
i am not gay and i am married so i told them no but then they figured
out that they could use the pictures from the cd to try to make me.
i cant do anything without my wife finding out and saying that
i was blackmailed wont work since i made the cd. Not knowing what
to do i sent them some more pictures of me naked to keep them from
saying anything to my wife. That only made things worse because now
they told me that i better do what they say or my wife and family will
find out about the pictures.
What has me really worried is that the next time there is some
family get together they might try to make me do other things. Being
that i am not gay and not wanting to cheat on my wife i do not know
what to do if they do try something. Do i risk evryone finding out about
the pictures of me or do i let them force me into sucking their d***
and anything else they want to keep everything secret.

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  • Tell your wife or call their bluff. I would do both

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