I am curious, my dad spanked me up to the age of 17 at times I thought it was not necessary he just wanted to see my bare a*** and touch it by spanking me,

A question to a dad did you spank your daughter for the same reasons

Did you enjoy being spanked by your dad, I did



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  • Yes, I come when Daddy is spankings me. I'm 30 years old now, still at home and like being bad to receive punishment.

    And yes , Daddy and I have been lovers since I was 15. Best s** in the world.

    I love my Daddy!

  • I did spank my daughter and she showered with me. I agree, incest is the most exciting, hot s** you can have. I loved the feel of her young soft sexy body.

  • Bunch of damn perverts.

  • You seem comfortable around perverts....hmmmm?

  • But you are here reading it so don't throw stones when you live in a glass houise, I have no probs admitting I am a perv but I DO NOT EVER hurt a child, or rape, abuse etc so if I like young p**** big deal

  • I admit it did turn me spanking my daughter seeing her bare bottom

  • My dad use to spank me only when mum was out I know he was getting off on it, I could feel his erection, he only spanked me lightly after he massaged my bottom better, his hand did wander where it shouldn't have, but its his privilege to get excited his c*** gave me life

  • Nothing wrong with a dad getting a little feel of his daughters p****

  • I spank my gf. I really enjoy the feeling of her ass. Sometimes I cane her. I love the feel of the raised welts. She asked me if we can buy her a gag so she has something to bite down on.

  • My dad spanks me but not hard, more in a playful way and especially when i'm naked in the shower. I think our relationship is becoming a sexual one and I'm quite open to that.

  • Tell me more

  • Sometimes I shower with my dad and while we are in there he'll spank my bum a little. We've always been close and I feel it could go further at anytime. Like I said before, I am open to the idea of having s** with him. I'm not in love with my dad nor do I want to be with him but I have thought about what it would be like to have s** with him.

  • Incest is wonderful! Don't look back later and say, "I wish I had". Life has no do-overs, so if you want it, do it! Then one day, look back and say, "I remember when".....

  • Absolutely agree

  • Next time you shower with him "accidently" drop the soap, when you bend down to pick it up start sucking his c*** that should do it

  • I could try that. I think I might just have a cuddle in the shower with him and let nature take its course.

  • Had a shower with my dad this morning and had a cuddle. I felt erection against me and reached down and grab my dad's p****. I guided his p**** towards my v***** and he done the rest. Finally we had s** and it's was sensational! I still can't believe it, I think I'm in shock. I really didn't think we would go through with it. I thought one of us would bottle out, so glad we done it.

  • So, keep doing it! I told you it was wonderful!

  • Congrats! how old are you?

  • Thank you, i'm 16.

  • Daddy should have had that p**** before now

  • I don't agree, I think I'm at the right age to know what I am doing and I'm totally happy with our situation.

  • Were you a virgin when he took you? I ask because I sometimes shower with my dad, we have always showered together since my mum left us. I'm 14 so we could have s** but I have never done it. My dad does get aroused and we play around and soap each other and when we do he does push his c*** between my legs and touches my b****** and I feel hot then. I know I could do it with him but I'm scared to.

  • Hi, i wasn't a virgin unfortunately. My dad was the second person i've had s** with. I really wish i'd lost my virginity to my dad because it would been alot better. It is natural to be scared and there's no harm in waiting if you're not sure. But i've got to be honest, in your position i would let your dad take your virginity.

  • Damn, your story is something. this post is a year old, what's happening now?

  • I still spank my step daughter she is 12, I love the feel of her ass, I let my fingers wander too and she likes it

  • Lucky f*****, soon.

  • Does she sometimes misbehave intentionally, knowing you'll disapprove (actual or pretend) and that you'll discipline her? Does she cry, or does she moan?

  • She moans when my fingers find her bald p****

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