I need to be spanked

I do not think I am damaged. White. Middle Class. Two parents (now deceased). Good school. Good Job.

I want to be spanked. Actually more than that I feel like I need to be spanked. I got spanked once or twice as a kid but not hard nor memorable so I don't think I am reacting to some kind of abusive upbringing.

All my life though I have at times thought and then supressed the idea of being spanked or caned.

Not bare bottom. When I search the net its all bare bottom and in reality I have never heard of anyone actually being disciplined that way. At school when we were caned it was over pants but I never got caned.

I want it to hurt. A lot. Not sexual. I think provided I trusted the spanker I would like to be tied down and caned really hard so that I could not get away or stop it.

Am I just messed up or what.

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  • I could do it for you. drjojoba@protonmail.com

  • Very sexy. I am a dom who enjoys spankings of any kind. Youre not crazy.

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