Hello there...

I've been with my wife for over 17 yrs... We've 3 beautiful children. I love her VERY MUCH.

Recently I met a mistress and the s** has been so great.... My PROBLEM now is I cant have s** with my wife. It's like I'm not interested in s** with her at all. I really want to, but I just cant get exited when it comes to a s**. Before when I touched her I would get roused right away, now, NONE... I hate doing this to her....



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  • Well my friend if that's true your Wife is going to know exactly what's going on unless you bring a Doctor's Note saying you have Cancer. That's always the dead giveaway when you're f****** around. Better start asking around for a good Divorce Lawyer.

  • I know what you mean. I have a lover because I feel disgusted whenever my husband and I have s**. Long story I won't get into.

  • Have less s** with your mistress so you'll have more energy for your wife?

  • Just do it.

  • Ask yourself what effort has she the wife put into s**. Does she know what thrn you on. Sexy clothes?, sexy words, touch and foreplay? My wife got lazy and disinterested in s**. I reckon have the s** on the side and stay with the wife for the sake of the kids

  • Girls do this too. I'm having a girl on girl affair with another mom. We both have young kids and we both love our husbands and want to stay with them. Just using each other for hot s**

  • You're going to end up a member of the check of the month club!

    You won't feel attracted to her ad long as you have side strange!

    Pick one - your children or your p****!

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