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Hey, let me first start off by saying im a young guy in my late 20's and I happen to have a thing for mature women especially BBWs/SSBBWs but heres my problem, every time I have attempted to talk to an older woman I was shot down after introductions or just plain ignored, I treat a woman with respect and I can be very charming, i refuse to use cheezy pickup lines so heres the question where the h*** is the middle ground?? i treat you with respect and compliment your beauty n its not enough and I NEVER treat a woman like an object but when someone treats you like crap its worse, What the h*** do I have to do to get your attention? please leave serious answers or suggestions. -anonymous

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  • Just give her some attention, it's just what they want. For some more attention they're willing to give themselves to you because at old age they still like s**!

  • Find out where the cougar hangouts are. Our local one is in a Ritz Carlton hotel.

  • Now first off you sound like a bit of a muppet. I am a young guy (31) who loves to have s** with older women and has been very successful. The oldest I have ever done the business with was 91 at the time. Now forget about being charming, women will see right through that crap. You need to be yourself and just get talking to her and if you have some things in common then you are part way there. If you don't then DO NOT try to feign interest. Also don't go into it because you want to have s** with her, I have made friends with many older women without having s** with them. That's fine. Now if the s** thing is gonna happen then once you are friends you will start to get signals and you should start to give then as well. Kiss on the cheek when you meet, a little tap on the bottom - that sort of thing. If this goes well and she has not backed off then up the stakes a bit - stroke her inner thigh, move your hand (without groping) over her b******. Older women often have beautiful large saggy b******, so tat part is fun. I have been getting to know a woman (70ish) for a few weeks now, we both love classical music and she has been round my place a few times for a meal and a music session. I have been rubbing her inner thigh and feeling her lovely b****** since her first visit. On her first visit she was wearing trouser but on her second visit she was wearing a skirt with stockings! What joy. So on her last visit I put my hand inside her knickers and rubbed her p****. What joy. She is coming round tonight and I will have a shower soon and then just wear a thin dressing gown which will come open during the evening. Hopefully I will also get to see her saggy b****** and maybe c** all over them. Wish me luck.

  • Never try to talk to any woman when she is busy or pre occupied with anything. Find one who is just hanging out somewhere, church, bar, social, mall,
    Social events are best place to approach them.
    I find it easy to talk to them and sometimes we get together later, especially bored married women.

  • 80% of women don't like s** or hate it.

    They just pretend that they like s** and are sexy.

  • Have you tried bacon scented cologne?? Or pork chop after shave? Don't get mad, just a suggestion

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