I suffer from chronic anxiety

I watched a movie called 'The Bridge". The movie is about people jumping off of the bridge committing suicide. I don't live anywhere near San Francisco but if I did I'm sure I'd just go there and jump the h*** off.

I have a choice of anxiety or meds and the meds make me feel like H***. I can't keep a job and overall I just want to end it all.

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  • Keep seeing your psychiatrist to treat you for possible depression as well. I know from experience that you feel regret on those final seconds. Suicide is not as cathartic as you think. Try to adjust your meds first. Maybe you could apply for disability since you can't keep a job due to your anxiety. Good luck.

  • You have a disorder. It can be treated. Whatever side effects there are can be dealt with. You deserve to not live with anxiety.

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