Im a 100lbs 5'5 20 year old male

Why the h*** can't I gain weight,I have the fastest metabolism ever.I eat normal like anyone else 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks.I also look young as h***,the only grown looking thing about me is my 7 inch p****.I don't have facial hair and I still get pimples like Im a damn teenager.Help me what can I do to get bigger?



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  • Remember your difficulty when people say they have a hard time LOSING weight. Bodies don't always do what we want them to

  • 7 inches is small
    9 is barely average

    you have problems .. get used to being called tiny

  • Well you'd probably be the hottest s****** in town.

  • uh, tell me more about that 7 inch p****.....?

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