I met a woman from Denmark with a strange story

Theres a new woman working for the same company that I do and she chose to share a weird experience she had in Europe.

She and her brother had been separated for over twenty years. She and her brother were apparently gifted with high intelligence and a great work ethic.

This woman had requested that she receive sperm from a european sperm donor with certain physical and intelligence traits.

She was artificially inseminated and became pregnant. Many years later it turned out the donor was her brother.

So far her ten year old son is showing no abnormalities and she only became suspicious when the child began to so closely resemble her brother.

I don't know why this lady chose to tell me such a difficult and embarrassing tale but apparently she needed to tell someone.

She had a DNA test done on her child and the result was without a shadow of a doubt that her son is also her nephew.

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