Things I Want To Ask For (Am I A Perv?)

I am about to start my Junior year of college at a school in the Midwest. I have only had 2 boyfriends and am currently unattached. I like s** but so far my s** life has been pretty tame. There are some things I'd like to ask a future boyfriend for, but am embarrassed to do it. I wanted to ask my previous 2 boyfriends for these things, but each time I got ready to ask, I felt so embarrassed and was so afraid of how they'd react, I chickened out. Here is what I'd like to ask for, what do you all think?

Neither of my previous boyfriends has ever kissed or licked me between my legs. I'd really like to know what that feels like. My girlfriends who have had guys that have done that for them have LOVED it! How do I ask for that?

I've taken both of my boyfriends in my mouth (which of course they loved). It would only last a few minutes then they'd want to "get down to business" (if you know what I mean). Just once I'd like a guy to "finish" in my mouth. I'd like to know what it feels like. I might not like it, but I'd like to try it. But, I would feel like such a S-L-U-T saying to a guy "I want to you shoot in my mouth." How do I ask for that?

I don't think I really want to try "butt s**" but I would like to know what it feels like for a guy to slip a finger into my bum. Would they think that's gross? How do I ask a guy "Would you mind fingering my bum?"

Finally, when I get myself off I usually lie on my back and rub and touch my c*** until I climax. I think it would be so sexy to do that in front of a guy while he watched. Would a guy think I'm a total perv if I asked him to watch me get myself off?

I would love to get your advice on this stuff!

Nervous and embarrassed in the Midwest (Sara)

Jul 31, 2015

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  • Sara maybe you should seek out an older more experienced lover for your desires to be fulfilled. Someone that knows how to put you first and make you feel good about it. The problem with many younger guys is they are inexperienced and the main concern is did you c**, I'm c******, and it ends in their favor all the time. HMU sometime if you figure out how.

  • As a guy I say just take control of the finish. The guy won't likely pull out willingly.
    As for the others, just straight up ask. Personally I'd be turned on knowing what my partner wanted ahead of time.

  • Sara, just do it. When they want to 'get down to business' keep their c*** in your mouth and keep it there until they c**. Believe me they will thank you for it. The downside of it will be that they will think you an even bigger s*** than they already think.

  • Try not to be nervous and just ask! Say it in the heat of the moment, if it helps. Or just do it! If you strip down and start touching yourself ahead of your boyfriend he will not object - he'll love it!

  • Well let me tell you honey it feels and tastes wonderful. Why are you worried about what they think? S**** em, you are your own person.

  • Find a bf who's more experienced. Most likely, he'll be a better sexual partner than your previous bfs. What you're asking for isn't unusual at all.

  • I think that's very sexy. Its good to try new things :)

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