I wish I was pretty

I'm in the top class at my school and all the girls in it with me are drop dead gorgeous with ombré hair all curly and perfect makeup with their perfect bodies and thigh gaps and I'm an awkward blonde with glasses trying to do my best but it's hard when I feel like I don't belong at school because of how ugly I am compared to all my friends

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  • You have a couple of plusses: you're a natural blonde and you can get contact lenses. Go to a good hairdresser and let her color your hair and decide which hair color is best. Find a well-dressed salesperson at a clothing store and ask her for advice in terms of what color and style is best for you. Then go to a used clothing store that are becoming popular such as Crossroads Trading. Finally, go to Sephora and ask them what type of makeup suits you. I bet you'll look pretty after all the above. :)

  • Everyone who has the most fun in high school will pretty much only have fun in high school. Just wait until college.

  • I bet you're beautiful darling. Its ok to be different, you dont have to be like your friends to be pretty. Everybody has their own charm. I advice you to enjoy that your young, you'll probably never be as young and beautiful as you are now. F*** beauty standards. You're gorgeous in your own way.

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