Stephanie J. is finally mines

I loved Stephanie J, She has no t****** tho. But her face was sexy. Plus she is a white girl. Back in the day I used to tell Stephanie Jenkins what's up with you and me. Stephanie always said no. She wore tight short shorts driving. When she picks me up. Black flip flops. She always flaunts her sexy legs around towards me and Stephanie Jenkins always stare at me. I said Stephanie u have some sexy legs and feet. Stephanie said aww I do. Thanks she said. Stephanie kissed me in the lips. I was surprised to find out Stephanie was doped up. Cuz Michelle told me. Oh yeah Michelle could get it too. Big ass t******. But we went to Michelle house. I was telling Michelle that I like Stephanie I want her to be mine. Michelle said alongs u got dope she will stay with you. I said I got 100 bundles of dope and Stephanie heard me say that. Stephanie was f****** lit up on the dope. Michelle said Stephanie let's go up stairs we gotta talk. I said Stephanie here I gave some dope she was definitely showing me love after that. She took it and gave some to Michelle. Michelle said I not going to lie when I take dope I get h**** and freaky. Stephanie said that my man. Michelle said now u claiming him. So they were upstairs u know I went to the door and listened. Michelle said dj loves you and he wants you to be his girlfriend. Stephanie said s*** he has a hundred bricks of dope. I'm staying with him. Then Stephanie came back down and said yes I would go out with you. We kissed for 5minutes. Stephanie said pullyour d*** out II'm gonna suck the s*** outta your c***. She sucked it for 2minutes and she said let's go in my car. Stephanie was f****** awesome in giving a sloppy puky deepthroat b******.I recorded the whole thing. U love that s*** don't u Stephanie said u over there moaning. I busted a huge load down her throat in ten minutes. Next day I went to the Lucy spot and I saw my girl Stephanie
She had on a tight yellow tank top and tight ass little shorts with black flip flops. I said yes I don't have to even think about telling her to wear flip flops every day. I got closer and closer to her I was hearing the sexy flopping of her sexy feet in flip flops. I went into the store and stephanie was talking to the Indian milf I was recording. Stephanie said oh baby and kissed me. Indian milf came out in the lobby. Pink flip flops she had on. Stephanie said this is my boyfriend. I was there looking at them sexy feet. Stephanie said I'm going blonde and I'm gonna get my b**** done. Indian milf said what size? Stephanie said double ee. Indian milf said I wanna get my b**** done too. I forgot to mention that me and Stephanie brought a apartment and the Indian milf is our landlord. It was f****** awesome my dream come true. Stephanie went to get her hair and b**** done. The Indian milf said I going home. I grabbed her t****** and her booty. Oh my God Indian milf said. U know I still love u right?

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  • He has a post a little later than this one. Same rubbish English same old lies.

  • I know dope dealers with less dope than that shyte-head. Why you wanna make this stuff up. As one of the other guys said take some English lessons so we can understand you. Actually don't bother I would rather not know what lies are coming out of your fat gob.

  • Yeah you could also do with some English lessons. But yeah before the guys in the white coats come for you get some expert help. Your Walter Mitty world could one day just implode and then where would you be?

  • You should see someone, your fantasy world could collapse any time.

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