My dream ???

I am Marrid now for 5 years to a really beautiful good best women you can ask for and our s** life is amazing
The only thing I can't tell her and I know will never happen , is the fact that I can't stop thinking of some else f****** her while I watch and help or I love to watch other men look at her in the street I want them to get hard and wand thinking of f****** or tasting my wife's p**** it turnes me on so much ..

That's it . That's my confession

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  • I can tell from your appalling English the "stories" you dream up for this site. May I suggest that you improve your English and then we might believe some of your lies.

  • In psychology is that sometimes men dream about it and it makes them on in their unconsciousness.
    That is normal.

  • Shape up man.

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