Am I gay or bi

I'm Paul from Gloucester I'm married to a beautiful woman called Gemma

I have been meeting a man for full bareback s** and c** swapping fun for over a year now

When me and my wife drink we both f*** eachother silly and have lots of fun
But when the months go by I'm still sleeping with my gay lover and I have very strong fellings for him and love nothing more than to take his huge c*** inside me regular
I'm married to a woman and we have great s** so why am I craving this fit hung guy so much
And he fully knows I'm married to a woman
Please someone give me advice in what stage is next as deep down I want to live with man so I can have him more often Paul Gloucester

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  • Its not gay if you don't look him in the eyes :)

  • Are you that stupid Paul? Look up a definition of bisexual, I am assuming you can read. Have they done that at school yet?

  • I'm sorry I guess that I'm bi and not gay but why do I want his big c*** so much and only p**** when I've been drinking

  • Your f****** guess is as good as mine and I couldn't give a toss to be honest.

  • Thanks for ur time

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