You all need serious mental help!!!!

Okay i don't even know how i ended up on this site but here i am and holey S*** you sick little weirdos are letting your dogs eat you out, having S** with your g****** siblings, cheating on your partners and god knows what else like this is actually F***** you guys need to get a boyfriend h*** you'd be better off on Tinder, but g****** s**** you all that say it's ok to let your dog eat you out um no that is dog rape whether your dog comes for it that is rape if a ten year old boy walked in on a thirty year old man jerking off and started sucking said man's d*** and didn't know what he was doing everyone would still count it as rape It's the same thing your dog doesn't know what its doing whether it gets a erection or not, not including the fact that you and your dog could get seriously sick and infected.
And no it is not ok to be sexually attracted to your dad, mom, sister or brother even if their full, step or half and your uncle is your uncle and your aunty is your aunty they are blood and you are all f***** up.
seriously I'm not saying you needa go kill yourself even though that'd be a massive favour to humanity but you guys need a massive slap around the head and a whole lot of therapy.
As for the people commenting please stop pretending your not some some loser who spends all day in their parents basement being a hater just for something to do coz you obvisously don't know s*** about the real world. And i'm not saying I'm better then the rest of you because this site is hilarious and the fact that some of you post s*** straight out of a p**** and expect people to believe it that's just plan said you poor wrinkly pervy old men who don't get enough action go back to p*** hub where you belong.


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  • I agree. These people are sick and nasty and if there is a h*** they will be roasting in the fire. Although, it is quite amusing to read lol.

  • I think some of this stuff is fake. I'm wondering if it is a bunch of little kids playing on this site.

  • Do you really think that the people keep dogs as pets?
    Live another life to know the real world.

  • It is people's lives. They do what they wanna do, you are not their mother. It is true some of these show some people are bastards but when people do something and it does not hurt, harm or discriminate someone, I think they are fine what they are doing. Incest, is creepy yes, but if they both consent, who gives a s***! Their life, their choice, no need for you to get involved, since you said yourself that its disgusting. Let them get on with it rather then you having a go (only if they both consent to this). Zoophilia is the same; b********* is wrong but zoophilia is fine. It is true that like rape and racism is wrong and, God forbid, things like that happening. People like those are really disgusting The world is not perfect. I will tell you this: The world is never perfect; never was and never will. So keep on dreaming about the perfect world, because it is only in dreams. I do not know what kind of Christian or other religion you come but honestly, hating on people that do no harm or disrespect, that is wrong as well. Learn to respect some people.

  • You honestly the people that do these kind of things aren't doing any harm?

  • Nobody gonna read all that s***

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