Hey, world! I HATE YOU!

F****** piece of s*** g****** c********** waste of f****** matter I hate this g****** f****** s*** so much! Why is it that s*** has to happen to me?! Why?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! Is it not enough to rob me of the lives of family, to rob me of the presence of my friends? Just wanna dig the knife in f****** deeper? "Oh boy, I guess I had more money than I thought! I can EAT this month!" NOPE, WROOOONG~ NOW YOU GET TO BE IN DEBT AGAIN BECAUSE EVERYTHING'S AGAINST YOOOU~ OH, AND BY THE WAY IT'S YOUR FAULT! <3 ARRRGH! F*** F*** F****** F*** WHY?! I'm not a believer, but I'm a bit on the fence of rather or not atheism is what I accept. If this some god's idea of punishment and telling me to repent, just come down and show yourself instead of making my life miserable! I swear I could just imagine some optimistic f*** come around and be all "look at the bright side" or "count your blessings" or some s***. I'll look at the bright side when I rip out your organs and sell them on the black market! H*** f****** yeah the bright side would be that I could actually LIVE THEN! F****** s*** why does the world have to go this way? F****** h*** I hate being at the bottom of the pyramid; I hate that ANYONE has to be at the bottom of the pyramid, save for complete scum. I don't want to have to keep running to family for help when one thing goes wrong. Christ, why is it my fault in one way or another all the time?! I come so close to being violent sometimes it's painful. Just... WHY?!

May 13, 2014

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  • As a working slob that literally makes the world work and am always underpaid ive got a sentence for you.
    We as people,the whole human race,have never been promised S***.
    And as far as f****** creditors go,tell them to eat s***.credit is a scam f*** that train,in this world today you have to work to get what you want and if any f-u-c-k-i-n thing that gets in your way you roll right over and THROUGH that s***.f*** other people that dont get that the system is set up to bleed us dry.

  • Hey, you! Speaking for the world . . . please don't worry about hating us. WE HATE YOU, TOO!!!

  • Whatever your going through seems horrible, and I surely do hope your luck changes. I've felt that kind of anger and deep sorrow and pain. As I am tempted, but I will not offer any anecdotes or quick fixes, sometimes it is just good to Vent!! and know that someone is listening. Cheers!

  • listen, please don't, like, i dont know, rip out my organs or, maybe, like sell them on the black market, or some s*** like that, but, bear with me, cuz what i want to say, um, and what i think you should do is, like, look at the bright side, yeah, do that first, okay, look right at the bright side, and then when you're done, you know, looking at the bright side, you should, at least consider, please, perhaps, counting your blessings, get a calculator and sit down and just.....you know, count your blessings. yeah, do that, like, do ALL that. And then go f*** yourself.

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