My wife is not good in bed but she is

My wife is not good in bed but she is good in many other ways-instead of showing self control I keep cheating on her with both women and men. I am a s** addicted guilt-ridden man. Yesterday I spent money to have s**--2 women--itfeels good for such a short time and then I have so filled with guilt. I can barely live with myself anymore. I am making a vow not to cheat anymore and the beat my demons--please pray for me. No need to leave comments, I am not going to this website again. Just pray for me and for healing of my addiction.I am really going to try hard. My name is Joe. Thank you!

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  • Teach her,how to improve.Give her a chance,instead of cheating on her.Cheating,is no excuse man!! If you're in a relationship,its a partnership.You discuss things and try to work on things,that may be a concern and so forth.Opting to cheat,is no excuse.How can she improve on something,if she doesn't know she has a problem.

  • Scalmato, from PHX? DIE F*****

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