Stop askin

Guys how many of you out there have been asked that headache inducing question by your woman im talkin about "whatcha thinkin" holy s*** if your woman asks be a man and give'er an answer she'll never see comin like "im thinkin about what your friend is like in bed" just be prepared for flying objects, be honest how many of you hate that question.. never break guy code

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  • I never ask my man that question so not every woman is a nag !
    Here is one ..
    What about when you have s** with a guy and he's licking my c*** and he keeps asking do you like that , do you like it and stops and looks up at me ?
    Never stop licking a c*** you keep going until she has many o****** !
    Take note boys

  • My girlfriend used to think I was lying when I told her I could go for hours without thinking a single thought. She didn't believe it was possible. It was, it is, it continues to be.

  • Glad you enjoyed my post i had a feeling other guys would feel the same way .never-break-guycode

  • OMG This post made me laugh because it's so true. My wife of 8 years still constantly asks me, "What's on your mind"? or variations of that. I keeping telling her "nothing", because I really am just sitting there, not thinking of a damn thing, but she just gets mad. So I have to make up something to placate her. She doesn't believe that I can just sit, completely without thinking a damn thing, and enjoy the moment.

  • Have you read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"? In my opinion it is the best book on relationships ever written and it addresses that issue along with many others.

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