Chose my wife to be our sextoy

We are all pretty sexed up in our family. My parents and my two brothers. So when my work took me to Peru for several years and I told them about the pretty girls there and that I wouldn't mind finding a wife my mother wrote me in a letter (we are talking 1984), "Find someone nice for all of us! You know what I am saying!".

And I got to know a very nice and pretty girl and we got closer and closer until one day we talked about getting married. After a night of s** I told her that we are a very open family and that if she got married to me I would expect her to not only have s** with me but with all male members of my family and with the female members too. She was shocked and went home so I though that was the end of that. But the next evening she called to meet up and go out. Pretty straight away she said, "About what you said last night. If that is what you want and you can accept then I am happy to do it!" We went back to my place and had incredible s** during which she wanted to be told how everyone in my family was and what they were into and so on.

That was 30 years ago. As we returned to my country she got on very well with my parents and the rest of the family and pretty soon everyone got to know her very intimately indeed and she seemed to enjoy the attention and activity also very much. My parents adored her and did everything for her and she did for them.

Now 30 years later she regularly slept with my Dad and my mother, my both brothers, an uncle and a nephew of mine and one of my best friends. We are still very much in love and we still very much enjoy great s**.

But I confess that I wouldn't have married her if she hadn't been willing to by my family's f***-toy.

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