I hate having kids as well

I hate having kids as well. I have two a boy and a girl. I love them to death, but if I could go go back in time they would not be here. Sorry to say that, but it's the truth. I am so miserable and I just feel like I've ruined my life. I have goals and dreams that I might as well just flush down the toilet. Havi f kids suck! It's the worst thing I could have done to my life. To top it off, their father is a f****** base head and won't get his self together so I'm stuck doing it alone. I have six more years to go before the last one graduates. I swear I wish I could just sleep the whole f****** six years and wake up when it's over. I know they didn't ask to be here, that's why I work a job that pays good that I absolutely hate i, order to take care of them. Sometimes I feel bad for feeling this way but I can't help it. That is just the way I feel. Whew...that felt good to be able to let that out.


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  • I love it when someone deliberately chooses to mess up their lives, then cries about it. Take your tale of "Oh no, I've been sandbagged by my own dumbass life choices" woe to the nearest clump of Trump voters, you'll find communion there.

    Listen for whiny sobs while looking under rocks, that's how you'll find them.

  • You're human. Don't feel guilty, for your emotions. It's no easy feat to be a parent. Try and seek support from loved ones, if you have any and if they're supportive, if you do.

    If you seek the support you need and still feel the same about being a parent, you have options. You can either accept the choices you made to become a parent and the consequences/responsibilities of parentage, or/and you could put them up for adoption. Maybe some of your relatives or your partners relatives could adopt them.

  • It sucks having to do it all for your Kids. I hope you hang in there, do the best you can do for them.

  • I'm laughing so hard right now because I thought I wrote this. After I read the part about your kid's father and that there's still six years to go, then I knew this wasn't my writing. My husband's an awesome dad and husband, and I still have 14 years to go before my kids turn 18. But I miss my life when I didn't have to be a responsible parent and be their role model. But too late for that now. I don't have a career and any job I can get will earn a pitiable income. Thanks for sharing because I'm glad to not feel alone.

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