I hate having kids as well

I hate having kids as well. I have two a boy and a girl. I love them to death, but if I could go go back in time they would not be here. Sorry to say that, but it's the truth. I am so miserable and I just feel like I've ruined my life. I have goals and dreams that I might as well just flush down the toilet. Havi f kids suck! It's the worst thing I could have done to my life. To top it off, their father is a f****** base head and won't get his self together so I'm stuck doing it alone. I have six more years to go before the last one graduates. I swear I wish I could just sleep the whole f****** six years and wake up when it's over. I know they didn't ask to be here, that's why I work a job that pays good that I absolutely hate i, order to take care of them. Sometimes I feel bad for feeling this way but I can't help it. That is just the way I feel. Whew...that felt good to be able to let that out.


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  • It sucks having to do it all for your Kids. I hope you hang in there, do the best you can do for them.

  • I'm laughing so hard right now because I thought I wrote this. After I read the part about your kid's father and that there's still six years to go, then I knew this wasn't my writing. My husband's an awesome dad and husband, and I still have 14 years to go before my kids turn 18. But I miss my life when I didn't have to be a responsible parent and be their role model. But too late for that now. I don't have a career and any job I can get will earn a pitiable income. Thanks for sharing because I'm glad to not feel alone.

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