At my breaking point

Where do some people get off? I've gotten to the point that I hate my adult stepdaughter (and i rarely have had that feeling about a person) and wish some days that one of her bad decisions would result in her just disappearing. she has told lies about me, damaged my house, stolen money, verbally and physically assaulted me numerous times, and even tried to have me arrested for an assault that her boyfriend committed on her. she manipulates her mom and dad and makes them feel sorry for her and that nothing is her fault, no matter what she's done. she's a horrible mother -- having nearly starved her baby and subjecting him to violence and abuse, witnessing sexual acts and drug/alcohol abuse -- until my husband and I intervened and legally took the child from her. even though she doesn't pay a penny in child support and barely even sees her child, she still thinks she should be the one making the decisions when it comes to the child. I have built up so much resentment toward her that I rarely have anything but bad to say about her, and my husband and I fight about it because he says he's tired of hearing me badmouth her all the time. my husband was my dream of all time -- the only man I've ever wanted to be with -- but most days, I feel like I'm only sticking with it for the little one, so he can have a better life. I fear that won't be possible as long as his mother is in the picture. she is the definition of toxic.

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  • Stepdaughter no. Someone else's daughter yes. These b****** are never anyone's daughters except for these irresponsible mothers that lacked parenting skills, & fathers who over compensate. These immature manipulative b****** never learn, & go through life trying to create problems to keep daddy

  • The problem with being the hero is everyone will dump their problems on you, and call you an "enabler." Then you solve their problems while they go off and have fun. Until they get into another problem, which will be passed on to you again. This happened to me.

    Honestly, the little one will listen to his mom and dad more than you. Furthermore, I don't think this will be your stepdaughter's last child. Leave while you still can. Your life will be h*** without your husband's support on this issue and you'll end up taking care of three children who won't look at you as their mother.

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