Child Protective Services

Today we were visited by child protective services, with a police officer, on allegations of child abuse. My daughter, 8, was rough- housing with my husband, and she got hurt. I was home when this happened, and it was not serious. She went to her summer program the day after and lied to an an adult that her father hits her all the time and she has "100 bruises" from him. Of course no proof was found, but I am SO hurt and angry that this happened...I'm also too scared to admit this to anyone for fear of judgement.

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  • Just remember that kids dont always realize how serious their actions are, and arent usually able to see the consequences of actions, not fully. Like learning about history as a kid: u might know something to be true, but u dont really understand the importance or effect of it. It is also possible that something went on at camp that caused the lie. U never know. U may want to get a therapist who can help u know how to deal with the situation and talk to ur child, they can also help find out why she lied. There is also the possiblilty that there is something going on that u dont about. U should ask ur child why she said that. DONT call it a lie, DONT heavily encourage or in any way influence her answer, first, just let her tell her side, and work from there. I prayed for u all. :)

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