I hate my partners child. I love children I want to be a mother so bad. Unfortunately I've had complications and I feel like I won't get that. I hate his kid. I hate his kids face. I hate when he breathes. Once the little brat touched me and my blood started to boil. I don't want his mother or him around. I have caused drama so the broke bum b**** would leave. Now theyre far enough from me and I don't have to worry about them. Yet my boyfriend won't shut tf up about the little b******. I really thought he loved me but he rather me be miserable with this b****** child and w**** in our lives than for us to be happy and conquer life together.

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  • Oh, thank you for the laugh. And don't worry, I'm sure someone as emotionally stable and selfless as you will make a most excellent brood sow someday. L M A O

  • Were you dad and please im hope you find me dad please not go dad please i luv you dad and its not even fair dad please hugs dad xxxxx

  • If you trying to make me feel bad Idgaf if that little b****** wants his dad. His dad is not going anywhere near them as long as I want to be with him

  • Were are you dad please dad xxxxx

  • Hay dad were are you and my uncle f*** spank me dad and im stay at anti uncle dad please not go dad and im was look for you dad xxxxx

  • Time to get over your me attitude.If your relationship is so miserable why are you still with him?
    Time to move on find a new relationship.

  • If you REALLY cared about him you'd accept that the kid is a part of him and always will be. You don't have to like the kid but quit being a selfish beeatch. If its too big a problem for you at least have the decency to break up with the guy so he can find someone that wants ALL of him instead of a having to deal with a spoiled "Its all about me, me, me" snot.

  • No. I'm tired of everyone saying the woman should sacrifice her happiness. This one isn't. It is all about me. Me and only me

  • I think you should look at your self. You don't deserve your partner

  • No you are least you took the decision to stay away from them,for your own good and theirs

  • You’re a douche

  • Yeah sure I'M the wrong one. NAH

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