Preachers Daughter

I was at church last Sunday is when I found my self looking at the preachers daughter who by the way is only 13. To see her in a low cut shirt so you could look down and see her perkey ti**My guess a small b cup or a nice Full a cup with a Pink Victoria Secret push-up bra. As I turned back and looked behind me where she was sitting she had her legs just right and you could see her hot ass pink thong. As she moved her legs I was able to see the hottest thing ever, a shaved pu*** and see the greates pu*** lips I ever seen in my life. She just looked up and had a huge smile and asked if I like what I seen. I nodded and smiled back.



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  • 13 14 an age of naivety. Us adults have a duty to protect that. OK we might dream but we have to leave it as just a dream. My daughter is 12. She wears skimpy little skirts and not yet at an age where she gets too worried if someone sees her undoes.

  • My 12-year-old daughter wears short skirts. If her mother is not arouund, she likes to sit on my face and have her bald slit licked. Afterwards, I give her a good hard stuffing.

  • Yes but she know what she doing. Does your daughter wear thongs like her. Also this girl is shaving every thing. I say go for it.

  • Don't be disgusting!! Yes,not all 12 year olds mature and develop the same.But that is inconsequential!! A 12 year old, is still a child and it's our duty as adults, to protect all children.We shouldn't be,abusing our responsibilities as adults! Yes, go ahead and fantasise, about things, some people can't help it.But never act out those fantasises, to do so is wrong,especially when you're old enough, to know better!!

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