Caught staring.

My 42 y/o wife's younger sister (25) was on our deck the other day in a little sun dress and she crossed her legs in the chair tucking her dress between them, Her dress rode up leaving her open for viewing and I stared a bit too long, She looked at me, I didn't catch it and as I stared she put her hand in front of her v***** saying "Don't stare...You'll go blind" then put her legs down crossing her knees.
I got up and left.

Apr 26, 2019

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  • I got caught looking up the leg of my mom's friends shorts when she had no panties on, I was about 16 and she would have been about 40ish. When she realized what I was looking at she adjusted her body and looked at me scornfully shaking her head, Nothing was ever said.

  • I went to a gathering at my hot older sister's house one Summer, and she wore one of her tight (on that day..super-tight), low cut tank tops that had every guy there starting and ogling her bulging, 36C t***. I noticed some of the women there saying things to each other, but, I thought it was mostly envy that she has such an incredibly sexy, hot body and no problem showing it off.

    My idiot, obnoxious cousin showed up with his now-ex wife, and it took him all of ten minutes to zero in on my hot sister's bulging-out t***. He nudged me a few times with a grin, then, when she leaned over the table to put food out, really got himself a direct, pure ogling of her marvelous offerings. Such was not missed by his wife, who, once my hot sister went inside the house from the patio we were all sitting at, called him out on it.

    She looked at him, really nasty, and asked "Hoping she'd bust out of that shirt so you can see more of her b****?". Normally, she'd say things like that in joking, but this time..Meant it and wasn't happy with how he was salivating at my hot sister's bulging t***. He tried to pass it off as oh, they were just there, what was I supposed to do, look away? And other b.s., but he knew he was caught.

  • I have the opposite problem, my two sister in laws always are doing that as they like me to look.

    It never an accident with them.

  • I call bullshit

  • I got caught looking at this girl at work. She way too f****** hot and when I saw her the first time she was wearing a low cut blouse that really showed off her t*** nicely. I couldn't help myself and just kept looking at her t***. Finally I look up and she looking straight at me with one of those faces as if to say wtf, dude. My face is up. I just smiled and said hello as I walked on past her. The funny part of this is we ended up on the same team and now we work together. She's actually dirtier than I am and will talk about s** all the time. She gives me hard time about looking at her t*** when we first met.

  • Lol,its the law,you've GOT to look!!

  • … need to be tappin' that...…………..

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