I hate my stepsons so much I can’t even live with their dad

When it was only second weekends and half school holidays I could cope .... barely.... but they have a crack w**** mother who has given up motherhood and now they live with my partner 24/7. Ever second was h*** last year. One is a bed wetter, the couch the car anywhere he nods off so the whole house stinks of p***. He is suspended constantly, he’s an aggressive little thug who manipulates his dad and hurts people constantly. He attacks my children, pushed me when I was pregnant and is just a revolting kid. I was so scared that my baby would come out looking like him. Our relationship broke down, I couldn’t cope with my kids being so miserable and now I live in a separate house with our baby and my own kids. I feel claustrophobic whenever they walk into my house, I can’t even look at this kid. Within ten seconds of arriving he is being an arsehole. My partner wants to work things out but he thinks the sun shines out of this kid and I just can’t deal with it again. I literally can’t even look this kid in the eye, I have so much relief now that the school isn’t calling me ten times a day because he’s hurt other children. I feel like a terrible person but I actually hate this child. My partners last girlfriend left because she hated the kid too.


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  • Daddy are you going too find me and my mom was up again and was crying hugging me. my eyes keep closeing. i love you daddy.

  • Hun im going to get my head down. i messaged you on third babys post hun. were i hope babys are. see you in my dreams hun xxx

  • How things change so fast here.

  • How you doing hun. love too you and wife xxx

  • I am doing wonderful wife and how are the kids?

  • How old is this child. I'm a father off five children and two which are step children. Ages range from seven to fifteen. My now wife had a boy and girl. Boy is now allmost twelve and girl just gone ten. My X wife and i use spanking as discipline. But at my now wife was not sure as only swatted her children's backsides. They were brats and allways back talking her. She finally allowed me too bare and tann their bottoms. Their behavior is much improved. If this was my son or stepson. He would apologize too you and be lying on his tummy every night for a month...

  • Please don't feel bad. Not ever. You did precisely the right thing, for yourself, for your children, and -- although he'll never admit it -- for your husband. He needs to learn to be a father, a real father, not a doormat, and not allow this child to rule the roost. The world will never allow that, and so the kid needs to come to grips with the inalterable fact that he is not stationed at the center of the universe. These types of children -- and they are everywhere -- are referred to as "sunshine s*******" because their parents seem to operate on the belief that the sunshine emanates from their anuses. If you ever intend to resume the marriage, or at least the cohabitation, you will need to lay down the rules to your husband. And you must be absolute about it. No exceptions. No exclusions. And if, in response, he says anything like, "Okay, but.....", then quote him George Clooney's famous line from the movie, Michael Clayton: "Do I look like I'm negotiating??" You will NOT be negotiating. Best wishes.

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