I want someone to pee on me

Lately I've been having these fantasizes about someone peeing on me. I am str8 but even fantasize about another guy peeing on me and marking me as his. I want the feeling of being dirty, degraded and marked as someone's property. If it's a woman all the more better. What can be more degrading than being used as someone's toilet?

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  • I'd make you strip naked, then whip out my c*** and shower your face with my p***. Make sure your mouth is open too you little pee s***. If you don't keep it open I'll grab your head, force my c*** in your mouth and p*** down your throat. Oh don't expect to shower after. I might let you dry off but otherwise you get dressed for work. After work you come straight back to me, I'll save up my p*** all day just for you.

  • Damn that's hot! Yes Sir!

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