Just a confession about my life

Since I was around ten or eleven (aka the time i got involved in social things due to being so shy as a kid) I knew that something was wrong with me, in two ways.
The first being, that i don't feel sexually attracted to anything. Not p*** (dont say "YOURE TOO YOUNG FOR P***" nearly everyone accidentally sees p*** as a kid), not nudity, not really anything. Sure, sexual contact is great! Who doesn't like it? But i dont feel the attraction. Sensual/romantic attraction, like cuddling, kisses, a romantic connection, those have happened to me. But i've never felt like i wanted to have s**.
Second, I have never been attracted to guys. Never, ever. I've always liked girls. Girls are so amazing and perfect to me, and I like them.
For nearly two years before last July-ish when i came to terms with myself, I tried to force myself to act normal, like all other girls. I poured over pictures of 'sexy' men, forced myself to watch p*** and try to 'get off' on it, but couldn't.
Around the end of July last year I started learning about sexualities. And suddenly, there was a word to my feelings.
Asexual. Homoromantic.
I remember thinking that it took a large weight off my shoulders.
This was really vent-y and story like, but still, it was a confession.

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