I want to be peed on

I'm a grown man but fantasize about a woman or much younger hot guy peeing on me. I don't want it in my mouth or face but everywhere else. I want someone to mark me as their territory.

Dec 29, 2017

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  • I'd p*** on you, I'd p*** from your chest down your body and then p*** for as long as I could on your pathetic d***.

  • Oh I wish you would!!!!!!!!

  • I'm a young guy btw, with a big d***, ready to make you my p*** b****. Spread your ass so I can p*** into it. I don't care what you think you want, I'll tie you up andouille a ring gag on you and then p*** on your face, some if it will go in your mouth.

  • OMG I just came in my pants reading what you would do to me. If I was under your power and control like that I wouldn't care if a little bit went into my mouth. Take me Sir and turn me into your p*** b**** slave.!

  • Good little b****. You should call me master. I will call you b****, because that's what you are. I would meet you in a hotel room, I'd expect you naked and with a blind fold on, I'll kneel you down, tie up your arms behind your back and put the ring gag on you to hold your mouth open. I'll slide my d*** into your mouth briefly but not too much that I get hard, but so you can feel how big it is when soft. Then I'll rip your blindfold off and before you can focus, I'll be p****** all over your face, some will go into your mouth which you'll have to swallow. Then I'll kick you so you fall onto your side and p*** all over your chest and that little nubbin you call a d***, I'll call it your acorn, which will be as hard as it gets. How does that sound b****? Did you c** in your panties again?

  • Yes Master I did. How did you know I have such a tiny d***? What you describe as what you will do to me is exactly what I deserve. Master I beg you to make me your b****!

  • I just know a little b**** like you has a little b**** d***. Tell me how big (little) is it when hard? Maybe while you're tied up, I'll f*** your mouth and then c** all over your face too. Would you like that you sissy b****?

  • My little d*** is 3" when hard Master. I would like you to use me any way you want. That's what slaves are for.

  • Haha, it's a tiny little finger between your legs, mine is more than twice the length! You'll definitely get used. I'd want you waiting for me dressed in a white blouse, black short skirt and high heels. Underneath, a pink bra and panties. You'll start by sucking my d***, see how much you can take, it won't be long before your blouse is open revealing you bra and your skirt is hiked up over your ass showing me those panties. I'll pull them to the side revealing your slave hole. I'll be nice, I'll lube up the first time but I'll be working your a****** until I've able to f*** you hard you sissy s***. After I've left your ass full of c**, I'll then pee all over your face. Drink it up b****. Tell me slave, are you married? And also I'm intrigued, what would you like done to you??

  • Oh Master that sounds wonderful. No I am not married. No woman wants me. I would like everything you've said done to me. And when you're done with me just leave me a quivering, bleeding mass of p*** and c** covered flesh on the floor.

  • I think there is more, I'll ram my d*** in your ass, really get it in deep, then make you suck my d***, ass to mouth, then I'll pull out and turn around, you can reach around and stroke my big d*** while you rim my ass, get your tongue all over my a****** and get the tip in, get me nice and close and then I'll turn around, suck my d*** again but poke your finger in my ass, poke at prostate, deep throat my c*** with your finger deep in my ass until I explode, firing my c** straight down your throat, making you gag. Then suck your finger hard, lick it clean, pathetic slave. Now tell me a story you would do to show me how good a slave you are?

  • I would get down on my knees and pull your fly open with my teeth. Then I would pull your pants down and start licking your b****. I'd slowly lick each one then slowly slide my tongue up and down your shaft. Then I'd take each ball into my mouth and suck on it. Then I'd deep throat your huge c*** until you shot your load down my throat. After I swallow each drop and lick you clean I'd start over again getting your c*** hard and lubing it with my spit. Then I'd get on all fours and turn around and have you ram it up my tight virgin ass. You would breed me until you shot every last seed into me. Then when you're done I'd bring you all the beer you could drink until you were ready to p*** it all out onto me.

  • Good slave.
    I'm going to f*** a hot 20yr old doggy over your face so you can lick my ball and a****** as I f*** her, once I've c** in her ill pull out and shove my d*** into your mouth to suck it clean, them you'll lick her p**** clean too. I'll let her pissinto your mouth as well.
    How would you like a reward of wearing a strapon 3x your tiny d*** to f*** your master with? Want to take my ass you sissy c***?

  • That s*** is nasty

  • It can be a very intimate act of love. Enjoy it.

  • Are you taking the p***?

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