The day my wife missed out an Valentines day

My wife had problems with her period. All women have problems with their period but my wife was especially vile while she was on hers. One night while have her period she screamed at me that I had taken her away from Randy the man she really loved. I asked her if she wanted a divorce and she said no I'll just live off of you.

She had charged three of my credit cards to the max and I was sick and tired of these outbursts. I told her I was going to divorce her and she went ballistic begging me not to do that and other insane things. This was the first week of february.

When Valentines day came it came and went without a card, no dining out, no hugs, no kisses.

She wasn't happy with that and she appeared not to know what was wrong.

In May she had another spell similar to that one but this time she said "I hate your g****** family".

This was the last straw. I moved out while she was at work and I got a lawyer and divorced her. She begged me to come back to her but this time it didn't work.

Aug 25, 2015

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  • Congratulations. Never look back.

  • There are other problems than your wife's monthly cycle. She's mental and abusive. She wasn't like this when you two married? How is her behavior such a surprise?

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