Clients wife

Been meeting with a client and his wife and or daughter are usually with him. Recently he was tied up at work and the wife was sent to meet with me without him. I had always felt somewhat of a connection or interest between us so it was a little awkward feeling when she arrived alone and looking amazing in her sundress. I couldn't help but to look her up and down which I felt she noticed. As we spent the next 20 minutes or so together the tension was so high it was unbelievable, and discussions wandered to everything but the topic we should have discussed. It ended up with her and I staring into each others eyes and by that time my pants were getting tight. We both just went for it and locked lips passionately kissing and our hands began to wander all over each other. Grabbing my belt she didn't hesitate to go right to her knees and pull my hard d*ck out and suck it. Holding her head and feeling her work me over it was one of the best bj I'd ever had.. I didn't want to end it too soon so I pulled her up and grabbed her ass lifting her up to the counter. Lifting her dress as she spread her legs she was shaved smooth and no panties, I went right in and she was dripping wet as I licked and teased her to almost an immediate o*****. She pulled me up for a kiss as I began fingering her, moaning into my mouth I wanted to taste her more and pushed her back and went down again. As she was moaning out in a second o***** she begged me to give it to her. I didn't think it would go this far but I couldn't resist that body or her adorable face! I pulled her down and bent her over, it didn't take much to get in her as hard as I was and as wet as she was. I pumped in and out for a few minutes before I knew it wouldn't be long. As she screamed and begged for more and I felt her c****** on me I couldn't hold it and grabbed her shoulders holding her against me hard as I came deep in her. Both of us collapsing on the counter and laying there for a minute until I felt myself getting soft and slide out of her. The sight of our juices dripping out of her onto the floor made me instantly start to get hard again. I asked if she'd want to go again as she kissed me for a second and knelt down to suck me clean. I pulled a chair up and she straddled me sliding all the way down. Riding me there on the chair and her kissing me like crazy she let go again and I felt myself getting close. The way she was working herself I'd never experienced and I told her I was ready to go again, should I pull out? She laughed and said "its a little late to worry about that" then looking at me with those amazing eyes she said "I want to feel you fill me up again, give it to me!" I couldn't take any more and let go burying my face in her chest and she squeezed every last drop from me. Made out for a while sitting there with her on me, both exhausted. Made out with her quickly one other time while her husband was down the hall on the phone, but haven't had another opportunity to go all the way.

Aug 26, 2015

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  • Too long, didn't read.

  • This is a f****** confession site. leave your fake, overly descriptive and f***** up s** stories written for wankers like yourself somewhere else.

    btw the tags are full of s*** too:

    -Connection: the only connection I read was you "connecting" your d*** to her p****. You should have just replaced it with s**.

    -Daughter: you just mentioned her at the beginning and she didn't participate in your "connection" with her mother so leave that tag out.

    -Feelings: The only feelings in here were pure l***, you didn't even have the decency to at least admit that f****** your client's wife was a mistake and that you're sorry, I guess you were too busy describing your intercourse.

    -Help: this tag is for people with actual problems, not those who create problems for others like you (assuming this story isn't fake which it totally is) .

    The only tag that fits is O***** and maybe husband.

    You should find something better to do with you time than wasting ours.

  • Bullshit

  • Lucky b******

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