3 1/2 years ago my ex girlfriend went out to a club for a reunion party. I didn't go. Months before that she was starting to act real strange towards me. I moved from one city to the city she lived in, but I didn't move there because of her, but she thought so. Again she started to be real distance from me & I just didn't understand, because we was getting along pretty good, we had just hooked up for the first time in 25 years, we lost touch over the years, but back then we had crushes on each other but she had a girlfriend & so did I ( one of her best friends ) so we couldn't do anything then, but 25 years later, we did. Oh I fell deeply in live with her & she did too. She would come to my house in San Francisco every Friday from Vallejo and we would just stay at my house and talk, them have s** and we was so compatible in bed together, ut was just awesome each &everytime, we both was stuck on each other. Well like I started off with she went out to a reunion party at a club we all hung out at back in the day, but remember I said she had got funny style with me soon as I moved to here, so we wasn't seeing each other when I got here, she really wasn't being nice to me, straight cold, we didn't see each other, she really wasn't calling me & she pretty much just threw me away. The day after the reunion party, I had looked on her Facebook page just to see if she had a new friend from Friday to Monday it was a new person on her friends list, and the new person was my real blood cousin! I asked her how did she know her, she told me, and I can tell that she had been talking to her, because she , just treated me really bad and she knew I loved the ground she walked in and she did me so dirty, she just left me & never came back! U was going crazy! She finally called me and told me that they are talking and that she like her alot! I was so hurt, I list it, I tried to kill myself again, I just didn't want to live anymore! I had been hurt by some of everybody who's been in my life! I thought we was going to get married, but she changed her number, stoooed calling me, never came back over, I never saw her again, but in 2013 she married my cousin! My life has never been the same! I will never date again, trust again or live again. She really killed me! My cousin new about us after, but she did it anyway, f*** me they said, but they don't know, they really messed me up for life! I just want to see my ex just one time, then I would never see her again. I wonder after all this time, do she think about me or feel bad for what & how she did me, I didn't deserve it at all. I'm so missing her.

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  • My woman did the same thing.
    I caught her cheating so she just left with him and my unborn son. It hurts so bad. I didn't deserve it either. Everything she told was a lie.

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