I want to run to you

Something in the way you hold me. the way you warm me and light my body up when you bring me in close for a cuddle they never lasts long enough. Fleeting moments I know you feel.
I wish you didn't know the electricity, our spark, our chemistry. If you didn't feel it we could be friends. We could be Close. Like you and her.
But because you feel it, I'm caught somewhere between a friend or a lover.
Never part your life, just your favourite temptation... Fantasy... Forbidden fruit.
Why did you start this? Open me to you? When I made so many attempts to keep you away. You know we both have girlfriends.
The naked photos, the touches, the kisses. Hands down my pants, wet hot lady parts and raging hard ons.
The way I want to tell you everything, confide my fears and confess for your answers of clarity, making sense of it all.

I want to run to you.

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