Still hungry!

My mother-in-law is a chubby widow of 73, and she’s still hungry for s**, she told me years ago. You wouldn’t believe this as you see her, she looks like a typical sweet, nice granny from who you don’t suspect such thoughts.

She lives a few blocks from our house and weekly I visit her helping her out with all kind of things in the house, it’s a common routine through the years..
She often asks me to satisfy her needs when we’re alone.
I never refuse because every time she gives me amazing, satisfying s**.

It’s an incredible feeling with my c*** deep in her, I always try to stay as long I can inside her. One time, when I've gotten in her, we’ve managed to stand up and I pull her down on me, she loves it. She has great muscle control and can milk my c*** totaly empty. I reckon she could peel an orange with her c***. We’ve often do this from then.

Nothing is better then a greedy woman and I love her old p****!

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