A strange woman

Last week at a family party there was the old buxom woman in her 70’s who’s a bit of a strange woman. Mother invited her because this woman helped her often when she was divorced and before mother met my steph father and married him. She came over for dinner and later, while others were talking, mother asked me for bringing this woman home because it was getting late for her.

I helped her in my car and when I got her home she asked me to come in for a short while. When she got there she sat in her chair and told me she had something for me. She asked me to come closer.
She putted some money in my pocket and told me she was very pleased being brought home by a nice young man. Then she bend forwards and unzipped my pants and pulled my d*** out. After some short strokes I got rock hard and then she sucked me while I stood in front of her. It felt delicious and short after, I shot my load in her mouth. She kept it in her mouth and then she suprised me by swallowing all and smiled at me.

Then she told me I have to go back to the party before my family missed me. She told me to stop by any time I like.

I left and when party was over and I undressed to go to sleep I found 300 $ in my pocket.

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