How should I seduce my teacher?

I want to have s*x with one of my teachers. How should I seduce her?

I’m 19 doing a post-grad year of high school because it’s a waste to spend so much money to do online school for a university.

We get along “beautifully”. We study 1 on 1 together. We’ve known each other for a month but we get along like we’ve known each other for years.

She calls me “sir.” She asks me what I want to do a lot. When I bumped my leg on something she was asking me if I was okay.

Once she we were talking and she gave an example of a word problem with a few names and said “those names were my family” names and you.”

She calls me smart a lot.

She’s gorgeous. She’s probably in her mid 40’s. She has graying hair which I melts my heart.

It’s okay for an adult to be attracted to a 19 year old. I look mature.

Oct 20, 2020

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