Out of Proportion

I’ve been with my gf for 7 years high school sweet hearts. Let’s just say we’ve been through every tough, rough patch in our 7 year relationship. We’ve been living together for 2.5 years. I’m an engineering student on the verge of finishing my degree within a few months by dedicating my time and effort to work and go to school part time. Our s** life has gone down the drain it’s draining me. Often times I’m the one to find her which is irritating to me that society says otherwise. Within a kiss or me wanting to be affectionate or get her to give me a blow she will act defensive I used to pay all my attention to her but over time I started school worked multiple jobs , out of town night shift rotating schedule and all I really wanted to come home and do was study shower eat sleep. The new command became give me attention obviously my attention was never enough so she surrendered her attitude became Worse the nagging 24/7 the nit picking arguements over nonsense things it got to the point where I needed to find a new study place Within our apartment facility and go to our WiFi lounge as time flew ive grown apart from her and found my inner hobbies and passions all over again. Evidently this isn’t what she wanted but it happened whenever I got tired of her pushing me away sexually. I work out every morning before work I eat healthy foods I’m on the verge of becoming successful graduating, I consider my feelings and wants for once. I began to change up my routines and tend to my outer self skin routines cleansing meditating and going out with the boys. Before me doing all of this she’d manipulate me with Our Intercourse life I’d do anything for her cook clean wash dishes do laundry mop sweep and still go to work and study. One thing we all despise about our significant other that picks our nerves well I have one! She’s very lethargic when it comes to organization !!! Jesus Christ you should see her closet. When I mention it to her or used to she replied with the more you tell me or ask me to clean I will leave it there on purpose. My family and friends say this isn’t a healthy relationship. My gf is beautiful but she comes with an adittude and sense of non cleaning non cooking woman. I begin to get tired and concerned for my mental and physical condition around her As if she wants to wrap me up and manipulate me down to the core. She’s vegan to notice my new routines I never feel the need to mention everything I do or don’t do. I’ve been focusing so much on myself that I’m legitimately thinking about leaving her! It’s gotten so mentally excruciating that I don’t go straight home and I despise sleeping in the same bed as her. When my woody is wood she will ignore it or get agitated but I realized the day I started going out alone I’m an attractive,smart, handsome man with great mental awareness on success that I smile to woman who stare me down. Oh I’m 6’0 buff solid built guy athletic body and vascular like spider webs and s***. I’ve began to think she wants me to not be who I am now purposely she will buy fast food and try to get me to eat that, or she will criticize my outfit when she knows the tag just came off, I’m starting to think she needs mental help. When we argue I don’t have the energy to argue so I walk out the apartment and drive for minutes sometimes an hour. When I bring up to her that I feel like I’m being manipulated she begins to narrow down my confidence from 10 to .5 in every way she can by saying you will never find anybody else as good looking as me etc but what’s the use of she’s not that affectionate or much of a gf. More than a year ago she argued with me over the little things and made it something big that she flushed her own ring down the toilet out of anger and due to the fact that I was t speaking on anything. She will push me around and get in my face by wanting me to react in a domestic way. Her eyes are evil but pure. When we do have s** which is rarely she will seduce the f*** out of me and do everything she knows I love but it only happens 1 a month if I’m lucky if not once every 3-5 months. I no longer stress and let her manipulate me so therefore she doesn’t seem to like that anymore. If one day she’s home and my stuff is gone I know I will finally be able to breathe and live my life. Sometimes she will mention me and my degree and how I will work for her to stay home idk if it’s a joke or serious but my friends say she’s a psycho hot girl and not healthy for me ....

Jun 23, 2020

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  • She sounds like trouble.

    But if you need some attention let me know.

    Have you ever had a f*** session with an older woman?

  • Leave the crazy b****

  • Run! Get out of there. Don’t stay in a bad relationship when you don’t have kids. Nothing to hold you back.

  • I agree.

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